How do I build my team and how do I lead it so that I do justice to me and others? How do I treat different people? How do we jointly achieve our goals? How do we efficiently cooperate in different structures – virtual and spatial? How do we reconcile corporate goals with personal aims? Team Development: Together towards Success

How do we treat each other? How do values characterise our company? And how do we communicate our culture and our values successfully internally and externally? How important are the people who work within the organisation? How transparent do we make our decision-making and restructuring processes such as mergers? Which leadership tools do I employ? How do we create a shared, credible perception of leadership? Leadership Perception: With Competence towards Consensus

How do we ensure that our employees are committed and motivated in the long term? How do we improve employee satisfaction and achieve sustainable employee retention? How do we make ourselves an attractive employer so that we can recruit and retain skilled and committed employees without any major investment? How do we increase the number of unsolicited applications? Employer Marketing: Selling your Own Shop Window

Credibility and trustworthiness internally and externally!

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