How does my personality come across in the professional environment? Are my strengths and potentials taken notice of? How do I communicate and argue, how do I negotiate? How do I build relations with other people? Effect of the Personality: Show Potential and Personality

Just starting your professional career? Have you already gained some professional experience and are thinking about taking your next career step? Are you considering what focuses feature in your life at present and how you wish to live in future? Have you reached the point where you start reflecting on the meaning and content, the values and orientation of your professional and private life? Or are you perhaps thinking of the end of your professional career and what comes after it? Career Planning: Actively Pursue your Career Goal

Are you challenged with professional re-orientation due to HR/organisational changes? Are you forced to re-adjust your aims and perspectives after a termination? You are confronted with the task of a professional re-start and a re-orientation that requires flexibility, courage and self-confidence? Outplacement: Termination into Re-Adjustment

How do I successfully present myself in public? What can I do to draw potential employers’ attention to me? And what should I do to avoid giving a wrong impression of my personality? How do I pitch myself as a newly self-employed person? How do I design my presentation materials and media presence? Public Relations: Appear in the Proper Light

I will help you to present and position yourself successfully!

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